CHINA HEAVY LIFT Goldhofer THP/SL model Modular Trailer Loading test


CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture 12 axle lines Goldhofer THP/SL model Modular Trailer and Hydraulic Gooseneck Loading test in factory

Tel : +86 137 7422 2241 (Wechat, WhatsApp)

• Can be fully coupled with original Goldhofer THP/SL modular trailer
• Length and cross combination module
• Box-shaped center frame with integrated air and hydraulic oil tank
• High point load in the center tube and the closed outer fields
• Front and rear bolt-clutch for longitudinal combinations
• Pendant axle aggregate at swivel head mounted on the vehicle frame
• Hydro-pneumatic gas pressure accumulator suspension
• Hose rupture safety valve on all axle aggregates
• The chassis has integrated, hydro-mechanical 2-circuit all wheel steering
• Maximum steering + / – 55° in all ride heights
• Steering in the middle 1 pair of integrated steering cylinder in the frame
• 2-line all-wheel air brakes and spring-loaded parking brake
• Complete 4-way piping for optimum combination of the modules